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  The Koi Recirculating Trickling Filter (RTF) was originally designed and put into operation in New Mexico in 1995. Since that time, over 400 units have been manufactured, sold, and installed. Sizes have varied from the small individual residence 500 gallons-per-day (GPD) unit to multiple units processing community and/or commercial waste waters in excess of 60,000 GPD. Over the years, both analytical and trial-and-error operation has resulted in the accumulation of operational data and experience as well as the development of other products that can be used in conjunction with the Koi RTF for advanced treatment.
  How would you live without clean water? Water is the wellspring of life - a common heritage for all of humanity as well as Nature.

Koi Environmental Inc. recognizes that individually and collectively we are depleting and polluting our fresh water resources at an alarming pace. Koi regards access to clean water as a fundamental human right, not just a human need for the exploitation of private corporations. We believe that each individual must be a good neighbor by taking responsibility for preserving and protecting precious water resources.

Koi understands that the waste stream has become much more complicated in the last 50 years and that the wastewater technologies of the past are no longer appropriate to protect our fresh water resources from contamination. Unlike most of our competitors, Koi does not recycle old technology in new packages for marketing to an unsuspecting public. Koi actively seeks new solutions to treating wastewater as it is today - wastewater that contains pharmaceutical residuals and household hazardous waste, in addition to the basic compounds that comprise what we call wastewater.

Koi specializes in on-site wastewater treatment systems that work. Koi manufactures, distributes, installs and maintains on-site wastewater treatment systems for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Koi can provide its expertise and technology anywhere in the world providing solutions to a broad range of wastewater treatment problems.




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